Tart Warmers

Tart Warmers
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Lattice Tart Warmer

This ceramic electric burner has a garden lattice design. This crisscross pattern will bring country..


Live Laugh Love Round Tart Warmer

This ceramic tart warmer features the classic saying " Live, Laugh, Love" printed around t..


Medallion Plug-in Tart Burner

The regal curves and chic structure of the Medallion Plug-in, come together to create a classic beau..


Medium Candle Warmer and Dish

Candle warmer and dish two piece set for melting wax tarts or our 5 oz. jar candles when you don'..


Ocean View Plug-in Tart Burners

This plug-in tart burner has a beautiful curved design with a mix of teal and brown color. These cer..


Olde Cross Electric Tart Warmer

This electric tart warmer has a beautiful olde style cross embossed on the front along with some oth..


Owl Electric Tart Warmer Out Of Stock

Owl Electric Tart Warmer

These owl tart warmers make great gifts for friends and family who have country home décor or..


Owl Plug-in Tart Warmers Out Of Stock

Owl Plug-in Tart Warmers

These owl shaped plug-in tart warmers are great for people with country or outdoor home décor..


Plum Goblet Tart Warmer

This goblet style tart warmer has beautiful embossed scroll work all around the unit. Using this ele..


Porcelain Willow Plug In Tart Warmer

The porcelain willow plug in tart warmer has a ribbed branch-like design. When the warming bulb illu..


Rainstorm Plug In Tart Warmer

This rainstorm plug in tart warmer has an embossed design in a gray color. The rainstorm candle warm..


Regal Porcelain Plug-In Tart Burner

This porcelain plug-in tart burner has decorative embossed patterns all around the base and when it ..


Regal Porcelain Tart Burner

This porcelain tart burner has decorative embossed patterns all around the base and when it is turne..


Rococo Ceramic Tart Warmer Out Of Stock

Rococo Ceramic Tart Warmer

Beautiful ceramic wax tart warmers, embossed with smooth spirals and curls. These electric tart burn..


Round Electric Tart Warmers Out Of Stock

Round Electric Tart Warmers

Round electric tart warmers that heat and melt wax with a 25 watt light bulb. These 2 piece electric..


Rust Plug In Tart Warmer

This rust plug in candle warmer has a ribbed design, that is sure to go with any home decor. It has ..


Rustic Bronze Plug-in Tart Warmer

This ceramic plug-in tart warmer looks like it was forged in a metal shop from a sheet of bronze. Th..


Salsa Electric Tart Candle Warmer

Add spice and color to your home décor with this bright ceramic tart warmer. The glaze finish..


Santa Claus Tart Warmer Out Of Stock

Santa Claus Tart Warmer

Warm your heart with this instant favorite for the Christmas holiday season and all winter long with..


Seashell Plug-in Tart Warmers Out Of Stock

Seashell Plug-in Tart Warmers

A beautiful beach themed plug-in warmer featuring a variety of different types of seashells embossed..